There and Back Again; a Blogger’s Tale

Once a blogger, always a blogger. Or something like that, right?

I’ve had more blogs than I can count over the years. I’ve created them, I’ve deleted them, occasionally I stick with them, but I can only ever go about a year, at most, without blogging before I start to really miss it.

A year ago, I let go of the self-hosted blog that I’d created and cultivated and worked so hard to run for three years because by the end, it was doing more harm for me than good. I fell headlong into one of the most obvious and self-destructive traps of blogging: my blog will never be good enough because that other blog (and that other blog, and that other blog) are so much better than mine. The comparison game can get downright nasty when it comes to blogging, and I let blog-envy wreck any satisfaction that I felt with my own posts. I made this super cute craft! …But this other blog made one that looks a hundred times better, and has photos with a decent white balance. 

So many blogs offer advice and guidelines for building a brand, monetizing your blog, expanding your following, perfecting social media profiles– and the harder I worked to try to emulate those ideals, the more I hated blogging.

I shut down my self-hosted site, and left behind the years of posts, social media, and connections I’d built with readers and fellow bloggers– and it felt wonderful to walk away.

Professional blogging is not for me. This will not be a polished blog with handmade branding and a custom domain and coordinating Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages– I’m out of that game now, and a lot happier for it.

This blog will be a place for me to write, to talk about books and life and change and growth, to share cute pictures of my cats, to reflect on lessons I’ve learned and ponder ones that still need time to sink in.

To put it super simple– this blog is just going to be for me, without any of the expectations or comparisons, and especially without the brutal self-judgment.


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