Planner Supplies Are My One True Love

Valentine's Day Planner Society Kit

HOORAY! ❤️ My Valentine’s Day Planner Kit from The Planner Society arrived today, and I am beyond excited! Some girls have a thing for shoes or makeup– I have a thing for stationery and planner supplies. A major thing. A borderline obsessive thing. An oh-god-my-wallet-hurts-but-it’s-so-cute-that-I-almost-don’t-even-care kind of thing. I can never resist the siren’s call of cute new planner supplies. But would I really even want to?

This Valentine’s Day kit has an extra special place in my heart, because even though I’m a loving subscriber of the Planner Society monthly kits, this particular holiday kit was limited edition, only advertised through her mailing list, only available for order before December 31st– and I completely missed out on it the first time it ran. Like an idiot, I never even opened the email in December that talked all about this ultra-adorable kit (and also included a link to pre-order!) The first time I saw this kit was a few days ago on Instagram, and I fell head-over-heels into gorgeous planner supply love at first sight– and my first question was, “oh my god, where do I order this??” Just give me a link and take my money!

After about half an hour of frantic searching on the Planner Society website with no luck, I finally combed back through my emails, and found the email from December (still un-opened, in my trash bin.. whoops.) Of course, when I clicked the link, both the Valentine’s Day Planner kit and the Sticker kit were sold out. I was a little lot heartbroken. And then… I saw this:

Valentine's Day Planner Kit Instagram

Seconds chances are a wonderful thing, aren’t they?

I may or may not have spent several hours refreshing the page at five to ten minute intervals, just to be the first to jump on these kits when they were restocked. And judging by the seventy or so comments on Instagram, I wasn’t the only one.

But somehow my timing was perfect, and I managed to place my order for both kits literally minutes before the restock announcement was posted and the floodgates opened. I watched the comment feed on Instagram for a few minutes, and just for fun went back to check the shop link after I’d finished my order– both kits sold out again within five minutes of being announced.

So, my Valentine’s Day kits arrived today, and I’m feeling pretty pleased to have snagged them. ❤️


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