And Speaking of Bad Habits…

Since the start of 2016, I’ve been making more of a conscious effort to change a few of my bad habits for the better– not because of some flimsy resolution, but because I’ve settled for a lot less than my best effort this past year, and frankly it’s beginning to get a bit embarrassing.

The end of 2015 brought a lot of positive changes into my life– I found a job that I love (with salaried pay that I love even more), I finally dropped five tons of dead weight out of my life in the form of an ex-husband, Justin & I celebrated a year of dating (and brought a new kitten home to join our brood.) I just want to match the positive changes in my life with positivity of my own; I’m tired of being my own worst enemy.

For the last five weeks, I’ve gone back to using a weekly checklist system that I created (originally at the start of 2014) to keep track of all the tiny details of my week and push my habits in a better direction. I divided my checklist into five sections:

  • Health
  • Finances
  • Cleaning & Housework
  • Reading Goals
  • Mindfulness

In each section I keep track of habits that I’m working to build, like taking vitamins each day, drinking more water, keeping to a set sleep schedule, limiting my daily spending, cleaning the kitty boxes, working toward my reading goal, and keeping a list of things that have made me happy during the week, as well as a list of things that I need to work harder to improve the next week.

Life Checklists

You might think that five weeks into my checklists, I would have my routine down perfectly. And maybe I should. But I definitely don’t. I still struggle with staying disciplined, especially when I’m tired or having a particularly bad day. For me, building and maintaining better habits is still very much a work in progress– but it’s progress that I want to continue to make, even on those days when I occasionally drop the ball.


P.S. Day one of my No Spend February challenge went well, but that could have a lot to do with the fact that I have literally $3.41 in my bank account. Hard to spend what’s not there. But Friday is payday, and then the real challenge will start. I’m still hoping to rock it.

P.P.S. I’ve updated my weekly checklist, and have decided to make it available for download! It’s a Microsoft Word document, so feel free to edit it however you like to make it most useful to you and your life. To download a copy of my Weekly Habit List, click here.

Weekly Habit List Preview

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