Too Much of a Good Thing?


My planners from Paper Source arrived today, and they’re everything I’d hoped for and more. They’re gorgeous, stunning, I’m in raptures over them.. But when it comes down to it, I have absolutely no idea what to actually use them for.

I have a planner that I use to keep track of my day-to-day happenings, I have a planner that I use to stay on top of projects for work, I have a financial planner to keep my bills in line, and I have my weekly habit checklists to track how well (or not) I’m keeping up with my goals each week. How much more planning can I really fit into my life? … (Is that blasphemy??)

Most of my favorite planning gurus (The Planner SocietyThe Reset Girl, Evalicious, Studio L2E) swear by multiple planners– I’m pretty sure that Cori from The Reset Girl uses about half a dozen different planners for various projects and purposes– and I think it’s such an awesome idea, if I could just figure out how to actually manage it!

I own almost more planners than I could reasonably list at one time, from ring bound A5 binders (my personal favorite), to spiral bound agendas, to personal and mini size planners– I have lots of variety to choose from, which is nice since I tend to get bored and switch to a new style every six months or so.

But when it comes to my newest planners, lovely though they are, I’m a little bit stumped. I’ve been pondering how best to put them to use, since they’re dated through December 2016 and I’m pretty sure I’d never forgive myself if I wasted them. If only they were undated, right??

Planners 2

Freyja patiently sat with me while I pondered. 

I have a few ideas that may work for these new planners, particularly the Rifle Paper Co. planner, since it has such a unique design. The Kate Spade planner was really just an indulgence since I live and breathe her accessories.

My favorite thing about the Rifle Paper Co. Planner is the way the days are formatted in mini to-do list columns (/swoon, like seriously.) For as much of a list fanatic as I am, I can’t help but be madly in love with the style of this planner. So, I’m thinking it could working perfectly as my daily to-do list planner– buy cat food, pick up prescription, mail thank you card— all the things that I’m extremely guilty of forgetting to do if I don’t write them down somewhere.

The Kate Spade planner is a little trickier. While I love it, it doesn’t offer anything special that my other planners don’t. Except for being gorgeous and having the Kate Spade logo printed on it. I’m vaguely considering replacing my work planner with this one, or trying to find a way to use it to help plan my monthly and weekly finances (since that’s an area where I could really use some extra help.) I’m not exactly sure what I’ll do with this planner yet, but I’m still happy to add it to my collection.

If you have any suggestions or flashes of brilliance regarding my planner dilemma, or just want to share the ways that you use multiple planners, I’ll take all the inspiration I can get! Share below in the comments, or find me on twitter (@merricataddams). 


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