Planning Ahead for New Planners

Is there anything more exciting than setting up a new planner? For any similarly obsessed planner nerds, that answer will have to be a “no.” Brand new planners have endless potential, and something about the crisp, clean pages pleases the stationery lover in me to no end. Unboxing a new planner is like Christmas morning, every time.


I admit, I’ve gone a little crazy with my planner spending lately– in the next few weeks I’ll have no shortage of kit reveals and planner unboxings to share here, from the Studio Calico, Cocoa Daisy, and Planner Society monthly kits, to the kikki.K Wellness planner, the Studio Calico Hello Forever planner, the Dokibook A5 & small zipper planners, and a couple of extremely cute fauxdori planners and inserts that I found on Etsy. But wait! There’s more! … As I said, there’s definitely not going to be a shortage of cute planner posts in the coming weeks.

But even with the nearly overwhelming excitement at the thought of so many new planners and accessories, I’m trying to have at least a vague idea of how I’ll put each one to use once it’s here. Sure, some of them will go back into their boxes to stay new and pristine until my current planners are worn out and in need of swapping, but there are a few special planners that I’ll be setting up as soon as I get them.

I was browsing Pinterest last night, and as usually happens on Pinterest, one pin lead to another and I stumbled across a post from one of my favorite planner gurus that was like a lightbulb switching on in my head– it was one of those “how have I never thought of that??” sort of moments.

I’ve loved the Wendaful blog and Etsy shop for ages, and I was reading her post about how to use multiple planners and one of her planner ideas is so genius that it I think I stared at it with my mouth open for a full five minutes. She uses a pocket size Filofax as a wallet, complete with expense planning printables and receipt organizer pockets– and I think that’s freaking brilliant.

The planner mentioned in her most recent post is the Patent Duck Egg Blue Pocket Filofax, which I immediately searched for on to take a closer look at. I thought the style was adorable, and really the perfect size for a wallet planner, but at the same time I wasn’t crazy about the idea of having a buy all new inserts and pockets for a new size of planner.

The night before, I had ordered a gorgeous A5 Dokibook planner from Love Doki, and I had initially been torn between the A5 style and the smaller zipper planner. . . . holy crap, that zipper planner would be perfect for a wallet planner. Within ten minutes of that particular revelation, I’d ordered a white zipper Dokibook.

White Zipper Dokibook

Like I really needed an excuse. 

So my Love Doki planners should be shipping around February 15th, which gives me a bit of time to plan for the insets and setup for my wallet planner. Yes, I’m planning the setup for a new planner in another planner.. plannerception?

I’ve decided that I’m either going to use the free expense planning printables from the Wendaful blog, or just make my own. The printables from the Wendaful blog are super cute, but it’s always nice to be able to customize inserts to be exactly how you want them. If I do end up making my own inserts for my wallet planner, they’ll be available here for download in a future post– promise. ❤️

I think I’m finally starting to get the hang of managing multiple planners– it seems like it’s all about finding niches and making them work for you, like with this wallet planner. I’m so excited to start this new planner, and I’m hoping to have all my inserts printed and ready to go by the time my new Dokibook arrives– and I’ll be posting about it as soon as it gets here!

Have you ever discovered a new use for your planners that you’d never thought of before? What kind of planner system do you use to stay organized? 


Oh, and P.S.– I finally decided what to use my Kate Spade agenda for! It’s now officially my new blog planner. ❤️

3 thoughts on “Planning Ahead for New Planners

  1. ashlieghcheyenne says:

    I feel like you looked inside my head and made a blog post about it. I’ve been alternating between my A6 Hobonichi I’m using as a planner/mood board , a Moleskine for my blog, and a weekly planner I found on sale as a calendar.


    • Rachel says:

      Aw, thank you!! Hobonichi planners are so cute, I kinda want one (but I’ve bought sooo many planners lately that I really can’t justify getting any more right now, haha.) I have several of the Moleskine Chapter notebooks that I might try out in my new fauxdori when it gets here.. I’ve never tried a midori style planner, so I’m half-excited/half-nervous about doing something new, you know? :)

      Liked by 1 person

      • ashlieghcheyenne says:

        I love mine! I want to get the Cousin size for next year. I think that will cut down some of my multiple journals if I get one larger sized one. Ideally lol. Oh yeah I’ve seen some really cute Midori/Fauxdori . I’ve heard those are really good for travel journals too. But that’s the best part is experimenting and finding a style that will work.


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