Unboxing: kikki.K Wellness Planner, Part 1

My kikki.K Wellness Planner arrived today, and it’s just as beautiful as I had hoped it would be. My coworkers laughed a bit when I practically squealed with excitement after opening the box– the textured leather of the cover is gorgeous, and that soft gray leather with the mint green fabric interior.. oh my god, I just can’t. Dying.

With my Wellness Planner, I also ordered a mini Habit Tracker book, which has a bronze embossed cover with a habit tracking system featuring a page for each habit, and ten weeks worth of check boxes to build the new habit. I can already think of at least five of mine off the top of my head that could really use some personalized attention..

That leather cover is just swoon-worthy, I swear.

Wellness Planner 4

I love the inside set up– the weekly habit tracking pad is a perfect addition to the inside cover, and those dividers are divine. Glossy white cardstock with gold embossed quotes on each divider make these some of the prettiest dividers I’ve ever seen. My favorite quote is on the very last tab: “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” –George Bernard Shaw

Wellness Planner 5

Wellness Planner 6

The most interesting part of the Wellness planner are the inserts. The planner is broken into six main sections: Calendar, My Day, Weekly Reflection, Mind, Nutrition, & Exercise– the last divider is left blank and has note paper. I would have loved to share more detailed photos of the individual inserts, but these were just the quick photos that I could take while I was still at work this afternoon. I’ll be posting a second part of this Planner Unboxing soon with a more in-depth review of the inserts, complete with photos!

From what I can see so far, though, I am loving this planner– and just as excited to dive into it as I thought I would be. ❤️

Do you own the kikki.K Wellness Planner, or is it on your planner wish list? If you have one too, leave me a comment or tweet and tell me what you think of it!


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