Building Better Habits: Waking Up Early

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I’ve always been a morning person, but until recently I was rarely awake to actually enjoy my mornings until my alarm went off for work. Nothing is more relaxing to me than being awake before the sun rises, enjoying the company of my kitties (after placating them with food), and having the near silent hours between 5:00 and 7:00am all to myself.

When I wake up in time to appreciate the early morning, I always notice that it sets the right tone for my day– ironically, the earlier I wake up, the more energy I have throughout the day. When I hit my snooze button and opt for another hour or two of sleep, I’m always sluggish and drowsy for the rest of the day and dragging myself out of bed at 8:00am feels like a chore.

Quiet mornings– like the one I’m having now– where I can sit at my desk with Noctus or Freyja curled up in my lap and read or write or catch up with my planning are always the best start to my day. For me, waking up early naturally leads being less lazy and more productive throughout the day.

Noctus would be more than happy to stay in bed all day.

Ever since I started on a new medication (to treat anxiety) last week, getting up early has turned from something that I had to push myself to do each day to something so natural that I’ve woken up everyday this week before 6:00am without an alarm– which for me is kind of a big deal. 

I love the extra energy that I have on the days when I’m out of bed by 6:00am– I take time to update my planner, I take photos for my blog, I (sometimes) go into work early, and having that designated “me time” first thing when I wake up each morning starts my day on a positive note.

This one tiny change has made such an amazing difference in my day, and this is a habit that I’ll be working to keep. ❤️

Do you have a morning routine to help start your day on the right note?


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