Grand Reopening: Adorned Handmade on Etsy

I must be crazy, but I decide to reopen my Etsy shop this afternoon, which I’ll be doing on top of blogging and working a (rather demanding) full-time job, among all the other intricacies of daily life. Honestly, I’ve been making planner accessories lately, and I just really started to miss my Etsy shop.

My Etsy shop originally shut down last August during my move from Jackson Springs to Southern Pines– it was too hectic to try to keep my shop open for the months during the packing and moving– and shortly after that I started my current job, which until now has demanded virtually all of my time and focus (hooray, 60+ hour/week salary.) Now that I’m several months into my job and finally starting to get comfortable, I’m finding the time to turn my attention back to my creative life, including my Etsy shop.

When I first launched my shop, I sold a mix of handmade planner accessories and office décor (magnetic boards, magnets and push pins, stationery, etc.)– this time, I’m limiting my shop to just planner accessories. Planners are my passion, and I enjoy creating accessories that are functional but still lovely– and I’ve made more clips and washi cards and planner bands than I could ever hope to use myself, so why not share them?

My favorite things to make for my Etsy shop are my Planner Kits; I have so much fun picking out the components and matching everything together, then sending them out into the world and hoping that they’ll brighten someone else’s planner. I don’t have a monthly subscription option yet, but it’s something that I’ve considered trying to do if I had enough people who would be interested.

I’m not sure where my Etsy shop will take me this time, but I’m looking forward to finding out. When I opened my shop last May it took about two weeks before my orders began to trickle in, and then that slow trickle gradually turned into 10-15 orders a week by the end of July. I honestly have no idea what to expect this time– I still have a lot of the same items, but there’s no way to tell yet if they’ll be as popular as they used to be.

Maybe I’ll have a better idea in two weeks. ❤️

If you visit my Etsy shop, leave a comment or find me on Twitter (@merricataddams) and let me know what you think! I’m open to any suggestions of items you like, things that could be better, or any planner accessories you’d love to see in my shop! 

You can also follow my Etsy shop on Instagram (@adornedhandmade). 


P.S. If you visit my Etsy shop, you can use coupon code Hello10 for 10% any order! ❤️

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