Wallet Planner Setup: Kate Spade Wellesley

I’ve had my Kate Spade Wellesley planner for two days now, and I still can’t get over how much I love it. It is absolutely the most gorgeous planner I’ve ever owned– I’m a little in awe of it, actually. I’m crazy for anything rose gold, and when I saw this planner I died a little and knew I had to have one. Since it arrived before my Love Doki zipper planner, I’ve decided that I’m going to use my Kate Spade Wellesley as my wallet and expense planner.

Kate Spade Rose Gold Wellesley

I made my own dividers using my favorite paper from past Planner Society kits and the Tab Punch by We R Memory Keepers with laminating stickers for the tabs. I’ve always been terrible at cutting out perfectly even divider tabs, so as far as planner DIY goes, the Tab punch has seriously got to be one of the most useful things I own.

Kate Spade Divider 1

The first section is reserved for my monthly & weekly calendar, and also a set of meal plan printables to keep my grocery list close at hand while I’m out and about– I found the prettiest free printables by HomemadeKraft to use! (There’s also a great set of financial inserts available in her Etsy shop, which I’m very tempted to buy since they have a printed option available.)

Kate Spade Menu Planning

Kate Spade Month Inserts

I tried to use stamps to decorate my monthly layout, since it takes a lot of stickers to cover all my bills for a month! Clearly, I’m not the best at using stamps, but I told myself that everything still looks fine (even despite the mistakes!)

Kate Spade Divider 2

Kate Spade Expense Inserts.png

I keep my expense ledger in the next section (so I can keep track of all the money I don’t have!) Honestly though, usually I’m better at budgeting than I have been in the last week, so this section will be an important part of my financial planning process.

Kate Spade Divider 3

I especially love this paper.

Kate Spade February Bills

I keep track of my monthly bill payments in the bills & expenses section (who would have guessed?) For me, it’s crucial to have my bills laid out in a chronological timeline so I can figure out exactly when each will need to be paid based on my biweekly pay schedule. Sometimes I find myself having to pay five or six bills in one pay cycle, which requires pretty meticulous planning to make sure that I can also cover groceries, gas, cat food, and the other expenses of daily life.

I don’t always make it to the end of the month with as much leftover as I might have hoped, but as long as all my bills are getting paid and my cats are getting fed, I’m not too worried.

For my Monthly Bill Planner, I’m using free printable inserts made by Wendaful— her stuff is always just fantastic. I also have a ton of stickers from her Etsy shop, and they’re my go-to page flag stickers for appointments and meetings and paydays.

Kate Spade Savings Insert

I also have inserts for my savings, made by Strawberry Scraps on Etsy– but as you can see, they’re pretty empty at the moment! I’ll get there.

Kate Spade Divider 4

Kate Spade To Do

The next section is for my to-do lists– which I would be utterly lost without. I’m using the Kate Spade to-do lists that came in the Wellesley planner because they’re just so freaking cute!

Kate Spade Divider 5

All of my dividers are really pretty self-explanatory, aren’t they? I found some really cute “to buy” list printables, and “wish list” printables while searching on Pinterest, but like a terrible blogger I forgot to make a note of where I found them. If I find them again, I promise to come back and update with links! The online order tracker printable is from Wendaful again (I really just love her stuff.)

Kate Spade Divider 6

This paper is another of my favorites, the colors work so perfectly in this planner.

For my notes inserts, I’m using both the original Kate Spade inserts (I swear, all of the original inserts with this planner are too cute, I can’t take it!) and gorgeous floral grid paper that comes in the same insert set with the menu planner that I featured above.

I love my Wellsley wallet planner setup so far, but there are a a few things that I still want to add to it:

  • Inserts with sleeves for reward cards (like for the grocery, Barnes & Noble, etc.)
  • Plastic zipper pockets for coupons (at least four or five)
  • DIY cardstock folders for receipts & miscellaneous odds and ends.

For now though, it’s perfectly functional, and I already take it everywhere that I go– it looks fantastic with my new Kate Spade Purse, and matches my other Kate Spade rose gold accessories!

Kate Spade Purse

I wasn’t kidding when I said I went on an epic shopping spree last weekend.

Kate Spade Clutch & Necklace

I’m amazingly in love with all of my Kate Spade, but my planner takes the cake. I think having an expense planner will help keep me organized an accountable, and even though that means fewer shopping sprees, I’m okay with that.

Do you use a wallet planner to stay organized? How did you set yours up? Leave a comment or find me on Twitter (@merricataddams) and share links or photos of your own planner!


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