Studio Calico February Kits & Hello Forever Planner

My first Studio Calico Planner & Documenter kits arrived yesterday with the Hello Forever planner (that was free with a new planner subscription) and I really love the soft, warm colors of February’s Savannah theme. I’ve subscribed to the Studio Calico planner kit in the past but let my subscription lapse after my first six month run because all the kits really felt like the exact same kit in slightly different colors each month, and I just wasn’t impressed.

Studio Calico Planner Kit February 2016

I saw a photo on instagram of February’s Savannah kit and I immediately fell in love– I love the colors, and most of all I love that it doesn’t look anything like any of the previous planner kits I’ve seen from Studio Calico before. The strawberry post-it notes were the thing that really swayed me toward starting a new subscription– I can’t get over how adorable they are! I’m hoping that future planner kits will continue to be just as quirky and unique, and lose that cookie cutter feel that I disliked so much in past kits.

Cats heart Studio Calico, too

Binx is happy about my Studio Calico box, too. 

I also ordered a Documenter kit (I don’t have a monthly subscription, but I’m considering starting one eventually– this is my favorite Studio Calico kit by far!) I used to receive this kit years ago when it was still the Project Life kit and came packaged in cute reusable boxes (which I still use to help organize my Project Life cards) and I had really missed this kit!

Studio Calico Documenter Kit February 2016

I love, love, LOVE the journal cards included with this kit– I can’t get over that cupcake card with the goil foil (but gold foil wins me over every time!) Then the wooden heart embellishments, heart stickers, and pale salmon-pink alphabet stickers just perfectly match my crafting style.

My planner kit subscription also came with a free Hello Forever A5 planner (I chose the gray one with blue accents, so pretty!)

Studio Calico Hello Forever Planner

Okay, let me be totally honest– I’m really glad this planner was free. Not that I don’t like it, but strictly speaking in terms of quality, I don’t think I would have been very happy if I’d paid the full $54.99 retail price. When I spend a lot of money on a planner, like $80-plus for a kikki.K planner, I expect it to be a well-crafted planner. The Hello Forever Planner is functional, but it feels a little flimsy– the elastic band is very thin, and the cover binding is thinly veiled cardboard with faux-leather. The craftsmanship of the planner is good and there are no obvious flaws, but the materials definitely wouldn’t be my first choice in a pricey planner.

Aside from that, I do like the planner design and layout. The dashboard is super cute, and I love the pop of color when you first open the planner. My only other major complaint would be that the cardboard divider tabs were heavily bent and creased when the planner arrived– which, had I paid full price for it, would have been hugely upsetting (it’s one of my planner pet peeves: there’s nothing worse than when cardboard divider tabs get bent and tattered!)

Studio Calico Hello Forever Planner Dashboard

I like the clean layout of the monthly and weekly planner inserts (and also that they’re undated, which is perfect since I couldn’t possibly start another planner right now if I tried!)

The dividers are fun and colorful, and feature an array of different inspirational quotes each month. The front of each cardstock divider features a pocket, which makes the dividers functional as well as pretty.

Studio Calico Hello Forever Planner Divider

And then the stickers– oh goodness, the stickers. Even if the rest of this planner had been awful (which it definitely isn’t) it still would have been worth it just for these stickers. They are unbelievably cute! I’m a sucker for cute stickers.

Studio Calico Hello Forever Planner Stickers

Overall, the Hello Forever Planner feels like ‘planning 101’ to me, or planner-lite. It isn’t nearly as high quality or sophisticated as a kikki.K planner, but as far as ring bound A5 planners go, it’s not that bad– it’s possible that I’m just planner-spoiled because I’ve seen (and owned) better.

Do you have a Hello Forever Planner? What do you think of it compared to other planners? Leave a comment or talk to me on Twitter (@merricataddams) and tell me how you feel about the Studio Calico kits & Hello Forever Planner! 


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