So Many Planners, Planners for Days

A couple of weekends ago I went on a fierce planner shopping spree, and my new planners have finally started arriving in droves. If I did an unboxing post for every one of them, we would be here for a very long time. 

My Filofax Saffiano Gold A5 arrived on Wednesday, and it’s just as lovely as I’d hoped it would be– I love it so much that I’m almost tempted to order a personal sized one, after my bank account recovers a bit.


My Kate Spade Glitter Bug Cosmetic Case arrived on Wednesday, too! Hooray happy mail! 

I’ve never owned a legitimate Filofax brand planner before– this is my very first! Filofaxes always seemed very stuffy and business-centric to me, and I usually tend to gravitate toward planner brands like kikki.K that involve designs with more color and whimsy. While I love the gorgeous gold saffiano leather binder, my reservations about Filofaxes were at least partially correct– the weekly inserts are awful, and I’ll be replacing them with something a little more eye-pleasing when I start using this binder.

Filofax 3

My Filofax wasn’t the only new planner to make an appearance this week– far from it, actually. My planner collection grew by four just in the past week, and I’m still expecting at least three more! I think I need a twelve step program..

My Neendori (made by Love Neen on Etsy) arrived Thursday, and I’ve been looking forward to finally having a midori-style planner to set up. It’s a beautiful fabric fauxdori with a gold heart pattern. I requested the pink planner band, and was hoping for a mint-colored planner charm, but no such luck (since the planner charm was a random pick by the shop owner.) I may change out the charm if I find something cute and mint colored (since ‘cute and mint colored’ is my ultimate weakness!)

Neendori 1

Right now, I just have several lined moleskine notebooks in my fauxdori, nothing terribly special. I did hand-make one of the inserts with scrapbook cardstock and plain copy paper, and I love how it looks with this fauxdori!

DIY Fauxdori Inserts

Also on Thursday, my Amazon order full of planning supplies and cuteness arrived, and I love every bit of it, too! I’m not usually much for the whole kawaii trend, but this planner and sticky note set are actually really adorable.

Kawaii Planner Accessories

It’s got mint, bunnies, kitties, and strawberries.. how could I resist that level of cute?

My second fauxdori arrived yesterday, and it didn’t disappoint either. I ordered it from Stamped Treasures on Etsy, and as soon as I saw the polka dots I knew I’d found The One. Or, one of them, anyway.

Polka Dot Fauxdori by Stamped Treasures

I’m still waiting on the beautiful watercolor inserts that I ordered from Lyra & Co. to arrive, but they’ll find a home in this fauxdori once they do! I have almost more planners than one girl can handle, at this point..

Planner Stack

Yesterday was pretty exciting– I got my first salary raise at work, retroactive to the date of my three month evaluation of February 2nd. What better way to celebrate than with a (relatively) small splurge? I went to our local TJ Maxx after work to browse around, and ended up finding some great stuff– I’ve been meaning to overhaul my entire makeup collection for a while now, since most of it is old and crumbling and I’ve used the same shades of eyeshadow and lip glosses for entirely too long.

Cosmetecs Haul 1

From Top: Dead Seas Minerals Face Cleansing Wipes ($3.99, TJ Maxx); Silicone Softgrip Paddle Brush ($5.99, TJ Maxx); e.l.f. Lip Balm Tint in Berry Red ($1.50, Walmart); e.l.f. Smudge Pot Creme Eyeshadow in Cruisin’ Chic ($1.50, Walmart); The Creme Shop, Lovely Blending Sponge for Lovely People ($3.99, TJ Maxx); CoverGirl Tru Blend Foundation ($8.44, Walmart)

I visited both TJ Maxx and Walmart (I’m not exactly the fanciest when it comes to makeup, even though I’d secretly like to be better) and found a ton of pretty-yet-inexpensive items that I love.

Cosmetics Haul 2

From Top: Paula Dorf Smokey Eyeshadow Collection ($4.99, TJ Maxx); e.l.f. Smudge Pot Creme Eyeshadow in Ain’t That Sweet ($3.00, Walmart); Kate Spade Ampersand 8 x 10″ Print ($6.00 clearance, TJ Maxx); e.l.f. Shimmer Powder in Pink ($1.00, Walmart); e.l.f. HD Finishing Powder ($6.00, Walmart); e.l.f. Mineral Infused Face Primer ($6.00, Walmart); CoverGirl Tru Naked Eyeshadow Palette in Roses ($9.98, Walmart– the priciest of my splurges, but I’m absolutely crazy about those gorgeous rose gold shades!)

Cosmetics Haul 3

From Top: Kate Spade Glitter Bug Cosmetic Case ($68.00, Kate Spade); Ollie & Olivia Foundation Brush ($4.99, TJ Maxx); e.l.f. Retractable Kabuki Brush ($6.00, Walmart), e.l.f. Smudge Pot Creme Eyeshadow in Ain’t it Sweet (I liked this one so much I got two!)

Also at TJ Maxx, I raided their Stationery section and came away with a few amazing finds, which I shared on Instagram— that scrapbook paper is going to make some adorable planner bows for my Etsy shop. Speaking of which– I’m currently in the process of redesigning my shop!


My shop link has changed, as well as my Instagram account for my shop. You can now find my Etsy shop at, and my Etsy Instagram is @adoreplanners.

I’ve been crafting non-stop lately, and I have so many new cute planner clips & accessories in my shop!

Justin and I are taking a day trip to Fayetteville today to do a bit more shopping, and I’m planning to stop by Target and see if I can find any amazing Dollar Spot planner accessories. If I do, you can bet that I’ll be sharing them here. ❤️


P.S. Have you entered to win my Planner Accessory Giveaway yet?? If not, you can check it out on my blog & on instagram. The giveaway ends Monday, February 22nd, so be sure to enter soon!

5 thoughts on “So Many Planners, Planners for Days

    • Rachel Katherine says:

      Thank you!! It’s a really simple DIY, and I even took the easiest path and used staples for the binding instead of thread (mostly because it was all I had on hand!) But they take so little time to make, and it’s a great use for all the scrapbook paper that I’ve been hoarding over the years. 😊


  1. Kim says:

    Are you sure we’re not related? Because lately, we seem to be doing the exact same things. New planners, updated makeup, focusing on getting our shizz together. It’s like we’re sisters or BFFs or…something. I don’t know what.

    Loving the new planners and makeup! Congrats on the raise!

    Liked by 1 person

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