Planner Kit Reveal: The Planner Society, February 2016

It’s finally arrived!! The highlight of my month is always the day that I receive my Planner Society kit in the mail. This kit really is the ultimate Planner Kit– it’s only $30.99 each month (including shipping within the US) and it’s packed full of planner goodies and DIY materials like scrapbook paper, bows, clips, stamps, pens, washi– all the cute things that a planner girl like me goes crazy over.

Planner Society 4

This is the first month that I’ve received my add-on subscription of the Sticker Society kit (an additional $11.95/month with free shipping for existing Planner kit subscribers, and $16.50/month plus shipping for non-Planner kit subscribers) with my main kit, and I was so excited to see them this morning that I took them to the office with me to unbox them before work.

Planner Society 5

This kit has never disappointed me in the nine months that I’ve been receiving it, and truly the only tiny critique I have for this month’s kit is that sky blue really isn’t my favorite color– but that’s more of a personal preference than a fault with the kit. The accessories themselves are wonderful (that pom, oh my gosh, I nearly died when I opened it– it’s too cute!) and the stickers are beautifully designed, as always.

Planner Society 3

I’m loving those sticky notes, and I’m already anxious to start making some amazing clips with the cork & paper die-cuts!

Planner Society 1

These are some of my favorite accessories with this month’s kit– the page flag stamps are perfect, and those bows are just screaming to become new clips for my planner. I’m seriously tempted to replace my current tassel on my Love Doki planner with this pom, and I’m actually debating if two tassels would be too much for one planner to handle.

Planner Society 6

This is the first month that I’ve gotten the Sticker Society add-on kit in addition to the main Planner Society kit, and I don’t regret signing up for a second– only that I didn’t do it sooner! Those brush script stickers are gorgeous, and the pink and blue color scheme here in smaller doses is actually really nice.

Planner Society 2The stickers in both kits coordinate so well together.

The Planner Society kit and Sticker Society kit are available as monthly subscriptions on the Scarlet Lime website, and there are specific dates for new subscriber sign ups each month. If you’re interested in a new subscription to the kits, I would recommend signing up to have the Scarlet Lime newsletter delivered– it will send out an email when new subscriber registrations are live each month (and I speak from experience when I say that they sell out fast!)

And just a quick note– I’m not sponsored by or affiliated with Scarlet Lime or the Planner Society kits in any way– I’m just a customer who really adores them and thinks that no planner lover’s life is truly complete without these kits!

So what do you think of this month’s Planner Society kits? Are you loving the blue a little bit more than I am? Leave a comment or find me on Twitter (@merricataddams) and let me know!


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