Top 5 Favorite Blog Planning Printables

When I started this blog a month ago, I told myself that I wasn’t going to take it too seriously. No stat tracking, no worrying about numbers, no post scheduling– but I can’t help it, I’m a planner girl at heart! And plus, being realistic, if you’ve ever run a blog you know that planning ahead can remove about 90% of the stress that can come with blogging: What am I going to write about? When am I going to post? Where am I going to share my posts? 


I have a few favorite printables that I use for blog planning, and even some that I created myself (I can actually find my way around in Photoshop now, and it feels so good!) These are a few of the best Blog Planners that I’ve found:

  1. The Ultimate Blog Planner Kit, by Designer Blogs — This free printable is the complete package: 24 pages of blog planning, including everything from yearly goals to giveaway trackers to weekly post brainstorming. I just started using this planner recently, but I already know that I would feel lost without it.
  2. Weekly Blog Planner, by The B Bar Blog — I love the black & white weekly layout of this printable. The design is classy, and it has space for every detail that I might want to keep track of for my blog posts.
  3. Etsy Business Planner, by The Busy Mouse Studio — This printable planner isn’t strictly for blogging, but it’s been an invaluable part of my Etsy planning. The pink watercolor and polka dots make business planning and inventory tracking feel like less of a chore, which is always a plus.
  4. Blog Planner Notepad, by Fab Printables — This is actually a printed 50 sheet notepad, and I’ve been meaning to order one for ages. Anything that will help to lessen the time it takes to print, size, cut, and hole punch my blog planner pages is a good thing!
  5. A5 Blog Post Planner, by Adore Planners — Yep, this one’s mine (it is one of my favorites, after all– but I might be a tiny bit biased!) My printable is available for order in my Etsy shop, Adore Planners. It’s a simple weekly layout, and I love the pink and gray watercolors together.


And in addition to sharing my favorite blog planners, I’m also sharing a free Social Media Stat Tracking printable that I’ve created. I use it in my planner each week, and it’s been a great way to chart my progress and growth throughout the weeks since I started my blog.

Social Media Stat Tracking Adore Planners

You can download my free social media printable here.

Do you use a blog planner or business planner? What are some of your favorite resources? Share a link in the comments or find me on Twitter (@merricataddams) and let me know!


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