5 Signs That You’re a Planner Accessory Addict

Five Signs That You're a Planner Accessory Addict

Every planner girl has been there before: you’re browsing on Etsy or Instagram and you see the cutest planner accessory, and your breath catches– oh my gosh it’s so pretty! Where can I buy one?? I hate to break it to you– but if you’ve experienced the rush of buying new planner supplies, the excitement of finally finding that perfect coordinating accessory for your planner–you may be an addict. It’s okay though, we all kind of are, around here.

  1. You may be a planner accessory addict if: you have ever seriously heart eyes emojiheart eyes emojiheart eyes emoji over adorable planner layouts & supplies on Instagram. Pens, washi, inserts, dividers, clips, charms– the list is endless, and it’s all so freaking cute that we can’t help but swoon over it. Am I right?
  2. You may be a planner accessory addict if: you see kikki.K and Etsy shop charges on your bank statement more often than your bills. Don’t even get me started on this one– my own self-control in the face of gorgeous planner accessories is tenuous at best, and I cave in entirely too often because holy crap I just absolutely have to have that cute new sticker set for my planner!!!
  3. You may be a planner accessory addict if: your Etsy favorites list is a mile long and filled with planner supplies that are sitting on your waiting list to buy.. someday. Guilty as charged.
  4. You may be a planner accessory addict if: you feel like you spend half your life watching planner unboxing, planner setup, and plan with me videos on YouTube. Planner videos are a whole other addiction unto themselves, I swear..
  5. You may be a planner accessory addict if: your planner DIY to-make list gets longer every time you go on Pinterest. I’ll get around to making those DIY planner folders right after I finish these paper bow clips and those planner tassels and that divider set…

So are you ready to admit it, yet? The best thing about the planner community is that we’re all a little obsessed with planning, and there’s no one who will understand or embrace your fierce planner love more than a fellow #planneraddict. ❤️

Are you a self-described planner addict? What are some of the planners & planner accessories that you just can’t imagine living without? Share them in a comment or talk to me on Twitter (@merricataddams)! ❤️


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