Plan With Me // Week #2

Confession: I’m using another new planner. Yes– another one. I’ve had this lavender striped personal planner by Webster’s Pages since November, and it’s been sitting patiently in its original box in my closet until I found the right time to use it– which I’ve decided is now.

I’ve been trying to pin down a blog planning routine for the last few weeks since I started my blog; at first I tried a Kate Spade agenda, but it was too time consuming to have to write down all of my to-dos and blog stat details on a daily basis. I created a set of blog planner printables for my A5 Doki Book, so I resized them tonight to fit my new personal planner, and I think I’m well on my way toward having a functional blog planner!

Plan With Me // Week 2

This week I’ve been keeping track of my blogging goals and post schedule in my Webster’s Pages personal planner. I prepped the layout for the whole week, so I can just fill in each day with my to-do list and goals. I stuck to my favorite color scheme– mint, pink, and gold. Of course. heart eyes emoji

Plan With Me // Week #2

Plan With Me // Week #2

Plan With Me // Week #2

Plan With Me // Week #2

Plan With Me // Week 2

This week I’m using some of my favorite supplies, and I really went all out with the stickers. Some of the stickers used in my layout this week are:

I’m looking forward to this week– I’ve been feeling so inspired and productive lately, and I want to channel that inspiration into my blog & Etsy shop. ❤️

Do you have any exciting plans for the week? Share your planner layouts with me on Twitter or tag me on Instagram (@merricataddams)! 


4 thoughts on “Plan With Me // Week #2

  1. Tasha says:

    OMG you are now my planner inspiration. I am terrible at planning and never can find a planner I really like because I don’t want a basic looking planner I need pretty and awesome to want to use it and looking at your pictures is totally how I want my planner to look. I am gonna follow this!

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    • Rachel Katherine says:

      Thank you so much, that really brightens my day to hear!! I’m exactly the same way with my planners– I can’t just use any old calendar, it absolutely has to be pretty! I love decorating my planner each week with washi tape and stickers, and a few colorful accessories can really make all the difference. 😊

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  2. Em says:

    I’ve found having a separate planner for blogging day to day I just didn’t use it enough. Instead I’ve set up a Midori to plan what post is going into each day and general post ideas. General to do’s just go in my main planner but then I find some weeks that I run out of room in my personal for everything. Finding a balance is tricky! I’d love to know how this set up ends up working out for you. :)

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