Hello March // Savings Planner

Anyone who has been keeping up with my blog lately already knows how spectacularly my No Spend February Challenge failed. For March, I’ve decided to change things up a bit. I still want to focus on managing my spending– which includes not going crazy with the planner supplies– and so instead of a No Spend Challenge, this month I’m going to work on a savings plan.


For each biweekly pay period, I keep fairly meticulous track of which bills are due and when they’ll need to be paid. Before now, I’d always considered the leftover amount to be fair game for whatever extra expenses came up– which usually included planner supply splurges, shopping, and dining out. For March, I’m going to rework my system so that the leftover amounts will go primarily into savings, which means no more wild splurging and no more planner accessory binges. Can I really save for an entire month while limiting my planner expenses? I’m going to try.

I’m trying to save up for a new laptop, but I also want to save my money for the sake of discipline. I haven’t been the best at managing my spending over the last month, and it’s really beginning to hurt my finances.

During March I’ll be checking in weekly to keep myself accountable to my savings plan. My goal is to put at least half of whatever leftover I have each pay period into my savings, and then not touch it— and that’s going to be the most difficult part.

To track my savings goal progress, I’m using a savings tracker printable from Strawberry Scraps on Etsy– I looked at tons of finance printables while I was setting up my wallet planner, and this one was the cutest savings tracker that I found!

Wish me luck this month– I get the feeling I might need it!

Do you use a planner to keep track of our finances? What methods have you found that work best for you? Leave a comment or talk to me on Twitter (@merricataddams)!


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