Budget Stationery Haul

One of my favorite things, besides new planners, is finding cute– and inexpensive!– stationery.  Usually whenever I want to go bargain hunting I go to TJ Maxx, Michael’s, and Hobby Lobby– today I was being good, so I only went to TJ  Maxx. ❤️

I didn’t see quite as many pretty stationery items as I usually find at TJ Maxx, but I still left with a small haul of cute stuff– without breaking the bank.

Stationery Budget Haul

  1. Okay, so I’m in love with this desk organizer. Mint and gray with that pineapple pattern– it basically demanded that I take it home and give it a place on my desk. ($12.99, TJ Maxx)
  2. I’m loving the calligraphy jewelry plate ($1.99, TJ Maxx), and I couldn’t leave without that beautiful, delicate origami crane necklace ($19.99, TJ Maxx).
  3. And since I have so many spectacular ideas… This pocket notebook was too cute to pass up, and has a cute pattern of nerd-glasses on each page. Perfect for me, really. ($2.99, TJ Maxx)
  4. I have this exact to-do notepad on my desk at my office, and I love it so much that when I saw it again today I had to pick up a second one for my desk at home. ($5.99, TJ Maxx)

Stationery Budget Haul 1

I’m pretty pleased with my trip– and all this for less than $45.00, too! ❤️

Have you found any wonderful stationery loves lately? Share them in the comments or tell me all about them on Twitter (@merricataddams).


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