Weekly Recap & Weekend Plans

Happy Saturday, finally! It’s been an exciting week around here, and there have been a lot of good things worth sharing.

Highlights of the Week

  • Adore Planners now has a Facebook page– it was actually Ivy of Perfectly Ambitious blog who helped convince me to set one up, even while I was on the fence about it. I decided to go for it, and I’m glad that I did!
  • I made several new blogging friends, and we attended a webinar together about the do’s and dont’s of Instagram Marketing. It was a brief introductory session, but even so I left with a few really helpful tips that I think will help me to up my Instagram game.
  • Speaking of Instagram, Adore Planners is sooo close to having 300 followers! This blows my mind, I can’t even believe that 296 (and counting!) people like my stuff enough to follow along with my Etsy journey. I might have to do something super special when I hit that 300 marker!

  • On Thursday, For the Love of Planners was featured on Perfectly Ambitious as the March featured blog, which I could not be more thrilled about! Ivy was such a pleasure to work with, and she did a great job capturing all the positive and creative energy that I try to bring to blogging and to my Etsy shop. She is an amazing woman, and I’m so inspired by the creative work that she does!
  • My personal highlight of the week, I went out on Friday and picked up a brand new Apple iPhone 6s Plus (in Rose Gold, of course!) I made the switch from my previously-beloved Galaxy Note 4 to the iPhone, and at first I was a bit nervous, but that went away after about ten minutes of playing with this phone– it is seriously cool. Not a sponsored post, I’m just saying! Honestly, the main reason that I made the jump from Android to Apple was my blog & Etsy shop. The photo quality with my Note 4 was just not cutting it, and I’ve heard nothing but excellent things about the capabilities of iPhone cameras– and short of buying a dSLR camera, which I definitely cannot afford right now, this looked like my best option.

Plus, I got a pretty case and everything.

Plans for the Weekend

  • I have several Etsy orders to package up and ship out tomorrow, which I can never complain about.
  • I would really like to get my desk & craft space tidied up and organized again, and then share a behind the scenes glimpse into my creative “studio” here on my blog this weekend.
  • I’m going to see exactly how good my new iPhone camera is by making new sets of pen bands, paper bow clips, and planner charms for my Etsy shop.
  • I’m probably going to eat an entire box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, just because I bought some at the store and it’s a major weakness of mine! But I did go grocery shopping, which means that I can finally start to get back into the habit of actual meal planning, and not just “so where do you want to get take out from tonight, hon?” 
  • The bane of my existence: laundry. But I digress..

What are your plans for the weekend, anything exciting? Share in the comments or talk to me on twitter (@merricataddams)!


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