Kit Reveal: Studio Calico Homespun

Studio Calico Kit Reveal

My Studio Calico kits arrived on Thursday, and I’m always excited to see what a new month brings! This month I received three kits: the Planner kit, the Documenter kit, and my first Stationery kit (thanks to a free kit promo by Studio Calico!)

This month’s theme is Homespun, described by Studio Calico as snug, rustic and comfortable.

“Homespun brings with it the coziness of your favorite knitted sweater. This month, brighter hues of yellows, pinks, blues, and greens find their place alongside quaint and familiar patterns.”

There are pieces of the kits that fit that bill exactly– warm, cozy colors with beautiful typeface and coordinating patterns. In the Planner kit (below), the sticker sheets are a perfect match to the theme of Homespun– light colors, rustic kraft paper, and simple patterns like stripes and polka dots. I loved the hexagon stickers by Inkwell Press, they’re one of my favorite pieces of this kit. The Washi tape stickers by Hello Forever have a special place in my heart– the sticker that says “Progress not Perfection”, let’s just say I could use that reminder in my planner every week!Studio Calico 6

There are other parts of the Planner kit that just seem to stick out in a jarring way– the colors are too bold, the design is too modern to really feel as quaint as Studio Calico intended. I have to admit, I’m not loving the dashboard in this month’s kit. I’m not much for primary colors, I prefer softer pastels, and that red graffiti design is not my style. I don’t mind the design of the sticky note pad, but the sizing is a bit awkward– too large for my personal planner, too small for my A5. And that tribal pattern on the highlighter– don’t even get me started– it completely throws off the cozy, rustic feel that this kit was aiming for.

Studio Calico 5

It’s a given that not every kit will be perfect, and there will always be pieces that I’m more fond of than others. For the Planner kit, it was about an even split of parts that I liked compared to parts that I wasn’t as crazy about– but the parts that I like, I really like.

The Documenter kit (below) was absolutely lovely this month; the pinks and light teals mixed with a lot of white and soft grays together make a gorgeous palette for the Project Life cards included with the kit. The cards shown below are just a small sampling of the full kit– my favorites of the Project Life cards included.

Studio Calico 1

There’s really nothing less than fantastic that I can say about the Documenter kit this month– I love everything from the colors to the design of the Project Life cards and accessories of this month’s kit. I’ve always had a soft spot for Studio Calico’s Project Life cards, they’re always so inspired and look beautiful in a layout.

Studio Calico 2

I love, love, love the rubber die cuts that  came with this month’s kit– good vibes, yes please!

Studio Calico 4

This is my first ever Stationery kit from Studio Calico– it was included free with my other two kits as a special promotion on their website. I don’t know if it’s something that I would subscribe to on a monthly basis, but I could see it being a kit that I buy in addition to my other kits every few months when there’s an especially cute theme.

I recently became international pen pals with my blogger friend Emily of Everyday with Emily— so I’ll have the opportunity to be sending lots of pretty cards and letters to Australia!

I really enjoyed this month’s Stationery kit by Studio Calico, it’s so whimsical and cute that I can’t help but love it! I may not have a use for every card that was included, but I love the styles and designs (and especially the adorable tags that came with them!)

Studio Calico 3

Okay, I really can’t pile enough love onto this stationery kit– I almost hope that some of my friends will go out and get engaged now so that I’ll have an excuse to send that amazing Jane Austen quote engagement card. All of these cards are adorable across the board, and I can’t wait to find the perfect time to use them.

This month’s kits, aside from a few flaws, were generally lovely. I’m partial to soft colors and rustic styles, so I was excited for the Homespun theme. I’m hoping that next month’s kits will be just as pretty!

What did you think of this month’s Studio Calico kits? To subscribe and receive your own kits each month, you can visit their website here. Let me know what you loved most about Homespun in the comments or talk to me on Twitter (@merricataddams)! 


As always, this post is not sponsored by or affiliated with Studio Calico or their subscription kits– I just love receiving their kits each month, and love sharing them here with you!

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