Top 5 Favorite Daily Planner Pages & a Free Printable

Top 5 Favorite Daily Planner Pages - For the Love of Planners

Happy Wednesday! This week I’ve gathered together five of my favorite daily planner pages– which I admittedly don’t use as often as I would like to. I always seem to get caught up planning out my weeks and I forget to look at my days individually. But with these planner pages, hopefully I can put that habit to rest.

Top 5 Favorite Daily Planner Pages


  1. This daily planner page by PixelLuxe on Etsy is simple an elegant, which is exactly how I love my day planners to look. I like to keep the layouts of my day planners as clean and uncluttered as possible, or else my day starts to feel hectic.daily planner 2
  2. This beautiful daily planner printable by Strawberry Scraps on Etsy is one of my absolute favorites– I love there are spaces dedicated to meal planning, to do lists, and appointments (although sadly I probably wouldn’t get as much use out of the “workout” section as I’d like to!)daily-planner wendaful
  3. I love every printable that Wenda from Wendaful Designs has ever made, and her daily planner is no exception. Her printables are available to download for free from her website, and she also has an Etsy shop where she makes amazing planner stickers (which you’ve seen in a few of my Plan With Me posts!)arlyna_planner_a5_perpetualdaily_2015feb
  4. This printable daily planner page from A:Bloggism is another freebie that I’m in love with– the colors are so gorgeous that I can’t resist wanting to use this day
  5.  This free printable day planner by Team Confetti makes the list lover in me do a happy dance! Plus, it’s like this planner was created just for me: “feed the cat” & “declutter desk” are things that I have to do on a seemingly hourly basis.

This Week’s Free Printable

Free Printable Daily Planner Page

This week I tried my hand at creating my own daily planner page, and you can download it here. I’m proud of how my journey in Photoshop is progressing, considering a month ago I didn’t know how to create a new layer– or even what a layer was. I think I get just a little bit better with every new printable that I create in Photoshop, so a few weeks for now who knows what kinds of things I’ll be making.

Each week I’ll be offering a new free printable for download here on my blog, and I’ll also be including exclusive printables in my biweekly newsletter that will only be available to subscribers. You can click here to subscribe to my newsletter, and receive your first free printable.

Did you love the printables included in my top five? Share some of your favorite daily planner pages in the comments, or chat with me on Twitter (@merricataddams)! 


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