The Best Laid Plans of Mice & Men…

How to Plan

“The best laid plans of Mice and Men oft go astray..” Am I the only planner girl out there who feels like this line applies to my life sometimes too? It’s the dirty little secret of the planning community: planning is hard work. It’s fun and rewarding and we love it, but it can be tough to fit into an already busy schedule, and when your week is tied up in knots sometimes even the best planner girl can have a difficult time untangling everything. That’s been my life lately.

Hot Mess

Even my desk is a hot mess– and that’s after I removed the chip wrappers and random receipts!

To cure my planner blues, usually I invest in a new planner system or fresh planner supplies (here’s another secret: I still haven’t found my perfect unicorn of a planner– it’s out there somewhere, but I tend to switch planners so often because I get bored with them so easily– I haven’t found The One yet!) so this time I’m trying a totally new style, one that I actually swore I’d never use because I hated the idea of it so much– but I’m prepared to eat my words and give it a shot. I’m trying out the Happy Planner by Me & My Big Ideas, which is a discbound planner– a concept that usually makes me cringe, since I can’t help but picture the pages getting worn and literally falling out of the planner after months of use– but maybe I’m wrong and they’re more durable than I’ve always feared. Anyone who has used a discbound planner or is currently using one, feel free to chime in and ease my worries!

The Happy Planner

Read the rest of this post & download April planner insert printables on my blog, Adore Planner Co.


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