Financial Planning: Where to Start

Financial Planning

Trying to plan out your monthly finances can be daunting– or, it is for me, anyway. In order to get my finances balanced out and under control, I knew I would need a decent planner (and a lot of self-restraint– but I’m still working on that part!) I scoured Etsy and Pinterest for printables and inserts, and I finally stumbled across an Etsy planner shop called Ninj + Ninj, who make fantastic yearly planners, including a set of financial planners.

Financial Planner

For me, if I don’t write something down, it pretty much doesn’t exist. Having a financial planner to keep track of my monthly expenses, bill due dates, and estimated totals has been crucial to keeping my money on the straight and narrow path (and it doesn’t hurt having a boyfriend who is way better at being thrifty than I am!)

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