Fitness Planner: Week #2 + Printable Roundup


This is the start of my second full week of using my Happy Planner to log my diet & exercise, and the fact that I’ve been sticking to my plan feels kind of miraculous. I’ve hit the gym just about every night for almost two weeks, and I can already start to feel the difference– I’m more energized, I’m more motivated, I’m happier, and I feel better all around– now to just get some of the pounds to start dropping off!

I’ve been keeping up with my routine fairly well, but there are still days where I struggle to stick to my resolution to eat healthier (delicious food is still one of my biggest vices!) I’ve been looking up recipes all week for new meals to try cooking at home, like cauliflower macaroni and cheese as a substitute for one of my all-time favorite guilty food pleasures.


This week I went more decorative in my Happy Planner with washi tape from The Planner Society and stickers by Heidi Swap and Mambi. I love the way that the Happy Planner is laid out: the vertical columns work so well for this kind of planning. I’ve been keeping track of my meals and exercise in my Happy Planner, and still loving it.

I’ve also gathered up a few of my favorite fitness planner printables from Etsy, including Happy Planner-style inserts that can be printed and used with the Happy Planner punch to refill your fitness planner.

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