Weekly Habits & Resolutions, Week #1

Weekly Habits & Resolutions

This week I’m beginning a new series on my blog where I’ll be taking a look at my habits throughout the week, and my goals for the upcoming week. Several years ago I made a weekly life checklist to try to keep up with my home, finance, and fitness goals– it’s just a simple Word document, but it’s worked wonders for keeping track of daily tasks and staying on point toward my weekly goals.

Each week I’ll be critiquing my progress for the previous week, and setting new goals for the week ahead using my life checklist (which will also be available for you to download at the bottom of the post!)

My Progress This Week

Weekly Habit List

Weekly Habit List

Weekly Habit List

To see my goals for next week & to download your free Weekly Habit List, visit my blog at adoreplannerco.com


If you want to join me in building better daily routines and living a healthier and more inspired life with the help of your planner, be sure to subscribe to my blog in the box to the right to make sure you never miss a post!


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