Adore Planner Co. is Back!


Hey, guys!

So it’s no secret that my foray into self hosted blogging didn’t work out. As a struggling waitress who’s trying to pay bills and blog on the side, it came down to a matter of finances– and my financial situation doesn’t currently support a self-hosted platform.

But there’s good news! I’ve worked really hard to recreate a beautiful version of Adore Planner Co. on, and if I’m being honest I almost love it more than the original site!

All of my future blog posts will be posted to, but I’ll continue to cross post snippets here. Currently I’m in the middle of a new blog series, Bullet Journaling 101, and the second post will be live soon. You can find the first post, which is all about finding cute supplies for your bullet journal, here.

Also, my newsletter will be revamped and revived soon as well. I’m working on coordinating everything, and the first new issue should be sent out within the week. If you’re not currently subscribed, my newsletter features exclusive blog content as well as freebies like printables and planner goodies, and you can subscribe be following this link.

I know that I have a fair amount of followers here on For the Love of Planners– I’d really love it if you guys could take a second to follow Adore Planner Co. also! There’s a WordPress follow button on my blog page, which you can find here. Once you follow, you’ll be notified via WordPress email of any new posts.

I’m so excited about the relaunch of Adore Planner Co.– this concept has really been my baby for the last six months, and I have a lot of (hopefully) great ideas to make it amazing.

My mission statement for Adore Planner Co. is that my blog’s purpose isn’t just to showcase the cute accessories that come with planning, it’s really to enjoy and celebrate the process of planning itself. I want to share all I’ve learned about organization, building habits, and managing the details of day to day life through the help of planning, and I want to offer my own insight, in addition to the many resources that have helped me along the way to help you organize your life.

I hope you’ll join me over at Adore Planner Co.! Feel free to comment on my posts, or to reach out via Twitter (@adoreplannerco) or Instagram. You can even find me on Snapchat @adoreplannerco! I love hearing from fellow planner lovers, and I look forward to chatting with you.


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