Plan With Me // October 24-30


Hello, planner lovers!

I know, I know– usually my Plan With Me posts don’t debut until Mondays, but I was so excited for this week’s post that I’m sharing it with you a day early!

This week’s Plan With Me is getting spooky– I decorated my planner for my absolute favorite holiday coming up next week: Halloween! It might not be immediately apparent by all the pink and flowers of my blog design, but I’m a huge Halloween & horror junkie. I keep my apartment decorated for Halloween more or less all year round, and I’d be happy watching Scream or Friday the 13th any day. So when I get to start decorating my planner for the most wonderful time of the year– it’s exciting.

This week I’m back in my favorite planner, my gorgeous Kate Spade rose gold Wellesley planner. On a random personal note, my style is a weird mix of goth and shabby chic, which explains my love both for skulls and peonies!

To read the rest of this post & download my free set of printable Halloween stickers, visit me at!


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