Blog Redesign! Like.. Majorly.

If you’ve been to my blog at any point in the last year, and are just now revisiting, you probably have a lot of questions. Such as, What on earth HAPPENED here? and, Where did all the happy pink and flowers go? or even, Why does it look like the 90’s Goth scene threw up all over your blog??

Astute observations. Firstly, I would think that it’s fairly obvious what has happened: I’ve sold my soul to the lesser demons of creativity and website management for the appropriate Necromancy skills to resurrect a dead blog from its grave. Secondly, there is no happy pink and flowers, only Zuul. Thirdly, the 90’s Goth scene was fabulous, and my poor millennial heart aches for it everyday.

You’re probably still a tad confused, and I can’t rightfully blame you. My blog was formerly a bright and cheerful space filled with planners and sticker hauls and joy– now it looks as though its crawled straight from the seventh circle of Hell to sacrifice virgins into a volcano. Well, let me just assure you that, yes, I still love my planner, and no, I absolutely do not condone volcanic virgin sacrifice (except for possibly in very extreme cases.)

I guess in a way, I just look at this as me branching out. My blog was so niche before, focused solely on planners and planner accessories, that it was kind of inevitable that the well of creativity would eventually run dry. I’m still very much a planner girl, and I’m all about those sticker hauls (when I can actually, you know, afford them)– but I want a place where, if I’m not feeling the planner vibe one day, I can feel equally comfortable talking about the latest book I read that was amazing, that completely fabulous outfit I put together and wore to the grocery store (because my life is super exciting), or even bore you all with blow-by-blow details about how I totes stomped that n00b in Hearthstone with my totally awesome Mage deck (ahem, or, if we’re being honest, how my win-loss ratio is, in actuality, pretty goddamn pathetic.)

I’m seeing some blank faces– but it’s okay, I expected this. Why the fuck do I care about your Goth makeup or books or stupid video games?  I can just see that question running through your head right now, and that’s okay. If my redesign and subsequent subject-branching isn’t to your taste, that’s completely fine. I will not be offended if this is the point where we part ways. But if you want to stick around and read about planners and books and cats and makeup, then I’ll do my best to keep things at least mildly amusing for you. After all, my body is made up of 97% sarcasm and snark, and that has to be good for something, right?

To all my remaining followers & subscribers:

Let’s do this.


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