Bullet Journals for my Valentine

Because this post is about bullet journals… and it was just Valentine’s day… get it? It’s funny, right??

Okay. Yeah. That was bad. I’m sorry. 
*This blog does not endorse (or listen to) shitty metalcore bands. 

Terrible puns featuring terrible bands aside, I really have been working on my bullet journal lately (yaaay) and I did celebrate on Valentine’s day.. sort of. (I had a girl’s night at Starbucks with my bestie, during which we talked about her various dating prospects, and my utter contempt for the idea of dating anyone at all. #allthesingleladies)



And it was delicious.

I’ve been keeping up with my planner pretty fastidiously since the new year, but my bullet journal had sat untouched since last October until a few days ago. I haven’t been sleeping well at all in February; I find myself awake until 4am or later nearly every night, so lately I’ve been trying to use that time to write or work on my bullet journal (since it’s usually obvious that sleep is not going to happen.)

I’m also trying my hardest to stay committed to using only one planner for the entirety of 2017– which on one hand, my planner is super cute, but on the other hand, I’ve also got a neutral vertical Erin Condren that looks awfully tempting sometimes. I can resist everything except temptation.

So, without further ado– photos!


I added some sass to my otherwise PG rated planner cover.


I’ve been mentally berating myself for the past few weeks to stop moping and get my shit together.


And it’s finally starting to (sort of) work– yay!


I broke out my bullet journal a few nights ago and updated it for 2017. (Side note: I’m so pleased with my weight loss tracker! I’ve lost 17 pounds since Christmas. Yaaassss!)


Some of my short and long term goals for 2017. Pretty sure my mom had a silent heart attack when she saw “nipple piercings” on my to do list. #sorrynotsorry


This is my favorite spread of all, so far. I was having a really incredibly awful night a few nights ago– like the kind where I wanted to break wine glasses and stab stuffed animals– but instead, I got onto Pinterest and searched for bujo mood trackers. Being deeply bipolar, this kind of tracker is extremely useful to keep track of my mood and chart any possible external influences that may be affecting it. But okay, I’ll stop gushing now.

I feel like I’m slowly, painstakingly beginning to get myself straightened out, with the help of my planners. I mean, I’ve got planners, I’ve got books, I’ve got a badass Demon Hunter build in D3.. what more does a girl need?

Well. Honestly. I could still really use some cats.


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